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To the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Air

I had the good fortune to visit the Airyards this morning. I am happy to report that The Flying Roman is nearly completed. As I stood gazing up at its proud skeleton, awaiting only its final covering and pressurisation, besides the installation of such furnishings and comforts commensurate with modern travel, I was reminded of an anecdote concerning General Sir John Moore.

This great innovator, so instrumental in introducing the principles of Unnatural Philosophy into Their Majesties' service, masterminded the formation of the first Light Mechanical Brigade, as you know. According to the work of Sir Arthur Bryant, Moore's care was such in honing our Forces in order to pave the way for the ultimate destruction of the Great Tyrant of the Air that he considered not only the incorporation of Mechanistic devices capable of countering Leon's Montgolfiers but also the Physical, Mental and Metaphysical character of his men.

It is said by Bryant that, when constructing the buildings of his new brigade training camp, he was consulted by the architect on the apposite layout of the paths. Sir John asked him to wait a couple of months, to observe the behaviours and habits of his men and most particularly where they grew accustomed to walk of their own natures and then to place the paths accordingly.

As we contemplate the adventure before us, with nought but the trackless immensity of the sky to furnish us with a heading, let us be guided by this principle in opening ourselves to limitless Possibility and to the New.

Not by generals, mentalists, prognosticators, Authors or even captains shall our course be decided. Instead, let the chroniclers construct the pathways of History upon our wake.

I look forward most eagerly to renewing our various acquaintances, and remain always,

your most humble and obedient servant,

Nathaniel Constantine, Capt., R.A.C., K.L.D.S.

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