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Yikes, the new Camelot is a pig's ear.

Why do they get talented creatives to invent fantasy clothes for historical programs instead of someone who's read a book on the subject? Or seen a documentary? Or had a ten minute conversation with anyone who knows anything?

They read a Latin inscription mentioning the very real Valentinian II (and yes the inscription and in the script that it's in would be unprecedented for Britain in the Late Roman period, but I suppose it's believable enough for a general audience) but put Arthur in armour which consists of a couple of modern studded belts stapled together like some sort of S&M queen's bra. I'm not sure it suited Keira Knightly but I'm sure it has no place alongside references to Roman emperors.

I was pleased to see Kay wearing some imaginative corrugated bracers like those worn by Natalie Portman in Attack of the Clones: you only see them briefly when she's dressed as a fighter pilot and they reminded me of happy hours watching Blakes Seven. Come to think of it that's where I might remember those studded leather shoulder pads...

Pretty, pretty people dressed in ugly, ugly clothes, rather like an explosion happened in the BBC's costume department and they just glue gunned it as it landed and sold it on, chortling.

Kind of "last minute, had to use what I could find at a jumble sale for 10p" by cosplay standards, let alone something set in the real world. I didn't think we could get served up with less believable costumes than Keira Knightly's "King Arthur", but I was wrong, a new low.

And I thought they would have saved so much time and cash on the costumes for the actresses, seeing as they don't wear any most of the time...
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