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My life has been turned upside down heh since succumbing to a bout of dizziness three and a half weeks ago. It may still be a one off virus, but looks like it could be Benign Positional Vertigo. It's seen for the half term holiday & is the longest I've been off work. Put together I think! Which is kind of reassuring in a way.

Intermitently, I can read, watch the box & use the net, so I've caught up on a lot of research for re-enactment & ordered lots of kit for the coming season. And, boy I've watched some dire TV. My girl has been amazing, nursing a complete invalid / putting up with an ornery patient / restraining an idjit who wants to do too much. I feel like a bloke in a black & white film. And I got the gal.

The average is a lot better now. Yesterday I managed some work on a manip, so maybe this will cure my dry spell! It has certainly dulled the glamour of the drink - and it's certainly the longest I've been Teetotal for a very long time. I'm sure that's doing me some good.

I've never suffered dizziness in high places, just the strong urge to jump off, which always disconcerted in it's own way, but it was always looking up into the open sky which made me feel like falling. When it comes to it, we are all pitching through space, spinning at up to a thousand miles an hour depending on latitude, orbiting the Sun at around 66,000 mph. It's a miracle we don't all feel like holding on all the time. So maybe this is normal ;-)

E pur si muove


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