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Birthdate:May 30
Website:Arnheim's Domain
Rumours from the domain of Arnheim...

The name 'Arnheim' is from Magritte's painted tributes to an Edgar Allen Poe short story; 'The Domain of Arnheim', featuring a cliff face 'morphed' into an eagle. I guess there's nothing new under the sun...

I got into doing photomanipulations and the odd bit of fanfiction from my interest in comics ::cough::graphic novels::cough::

This journal is mostly to record the creative processes behind the stuff on my website.

Thank you to scribblemoose for the invite :)

Interests (145):

acting, aikido, akira kurosawa, alan moore, ancient history, anime, archaeology, art, astronomy, banjos, bluegrass, blues, bodhrans, british history, british politics, celtic christianity, celtic music, chivalry, christianity, comic art, comitatus, cornflowers, cowboy bebop, cyberpunk, dance, dandy warhols, dark ages, dave gibbons, digital art, direct democracy, diversity, dr who, e.f. schumacher, early middle ages, ecology, education, egalitarianism, emily dickinson, empowerment, environmental politics, equal rights, faith, fan art, fanfiction, fantasy fiction, firefly, folk music, foofighters, frank miller, freedom, god, gomez, goodricke snack bar, graphic novels, green party, green politics, guitars, h. g. wells, haiku, halo jones, heroes, historical reenactment, human rights, humanism, indie music, isaac asimov, john peel, joss whedon, juggling, jules verne, ken saro-wiwa, kings of leon, labyrinths, late antiquity, late roman empire, liberation, live music, living history, magritte, martial arts, masamune shirow, mazes, mooses, mountains, mythology, neil gaiman, p.j. harvey, peace, pelagius, philosophy, photo manipulation, photomanipulation, photoshop, poetry, politics, pre-raphaelites, promethea, re-enactment, reenactment, regia anglorum, religious tolerance, rene magritte, respect, romanticism, sci-fi, science, science fiction, singing, social justice, spirituality, squee, squeefests, steampunk, stereophonics, storytelling, superheroes, surrealism, sword fighting, swords, tai-chi, talking crap, teaching, the green party, the tick, the watchmen, theatre, theology, thomas merton, thunderstorms, tree huggers, unbreakable, unitarians, university of york, vegetarianism, vikings, warren ellis, western martial arts, william blake, william butler yeats, william gibson, wolves, writing, york, york university,
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